Ali Curung Visit Ignites Softball in the Barkley

Ali Curung Visit Ignites Softball in the Barkley

The Barkly Region is a strong softball region and Softball NT are super excited for softball in 2017 for the Barkly region.

Sam Maccarone who formerly ran the West Daly Softball competition has relocated to the region. Whilst Ryan Lucas former manager of MacDonnell Youth team is also working with the Barkly Sport and Recreation team. All of this softball knowledge and experience is further enhanced by the addition of Kieran Obrien who was a former Baseball development office kicking off in Ali Curung.SNT Ali Curung (1 of 19)

Considering the work already done by Sean Spencer and Marcas Maher in 2016 we are expecting a breakout year for Softball in the Barkley.

Softball NT travelled to Ali Curung in late April and also launched its Softball NT Ambassador program which saw Kaitlin Fitzpatrick come along and pass on her skills and knowledge to the community.

The trip started really well with over 50 people attending the first session. There was a great uptake at the start of the week and the dedication shown by the girls between 12-14 was amazing. It was also great to catch up with some of the women who we met in 2016 at the Freedom Festival. We worked inside of school hours and outside however the 40+ degree days really knocked everyone about.

The trip saw immediate opportunities open up for the women as Ali Curung entered the Super 7’s National Youth Week competition. Ali Curung had all sorts of issues getting to the ground including cars breaking down on the edge of town. In the end, the women made it to the games and finished up 3rd.National Youth Week 2017 (1 of 8)