Social 7’s National Youth Week Event

Social 7’s National Youth Week Event

2017 saw the inaugural National Youth Week Social 7’s Competition held in Alice Springs.

The Inaugural event was dominated by community teams with 6 teams travelling from communities around the NT and only one town based team entering.National Youth Week 2017 (1 of 8)

The competition went off spectacularly. St Johns Ambulance entered the only team that was based out of Alice Springs and they competed really well especially considering most of their players had never played softball before.

West Arnhem Girls academy travelled mammoth distances to be part of the event and finished 5th.

Yirara college were very competitive and could have finished anywhere however they ended up 4th.

National Youth Week 2017 Laramba (9 of 10)Ali Curung had great troubles getting to the games and actually broke down on the North Stuart Highway! Once they arrived though the girls played back to back games and earnt their spot in 3rd place.

Engawala who finnished 3rd in the Central Desert competition last year played really well only losing one game during the rounds to finnish 2nd.

National Youth Week 2017 Laramba (10 of 10)The winner, however, was Larmaba. Laramba one the Central Desert Softball competition in 2016 and finished 2nd at the NT Champs. Larmaba hit the ball well fielded well and were a standout on the night.

Softball NT will now look towards 2018 National Youth week for the 2nd instalment of the competition. We hope to have more teams and even more activities on offer at next year’s event.National Youth Week 2017 (5 of 5)