Return To Play – COVID-19

From 12pm, 15th May 2020, sports are eligible to begin training in the NT as part of Stage 2 in the Roadmap to the New Normal. There are many requirements that need to be followed to ensure awareness in our community and hygienic measures that need to be followed until further notice.

As a Sport, we have to follow the Sport and Rec guidelines as well as the Food Service guidelines since we all run canteens. 

These guidelines have been put in place with all leagues in mind. It is up to each CLUB to mandate and ensure your members are following guidelines and doing their part. Softball, with all other sports, will have the potential to be spot checked to ensure we are following the guidelines we said we would and general government guidelines as well.

Softball NT completed the required online checklists for all leagues in both the Sport and Food requirements. They all state Softball NT but refer each location for Leagues statements.

Please follow the links to the Softball NT guidelines and table with more details for reference.
Softball NT – Return To Play – COVID-19 Safety Plan
Softball NT Fact Sheet_ Return To Play_ Participants
Softball NT Fact Sheet_ Return to Play_ Spectators
Softball NT Fact Sheet_ Return To Play_Canteen Staff

Please follow links to all other Government Factsheets
How to clean floors
How to clean high touch surfaces
How to clean kitchens
How to clean offices
Toilet Cleaning
Wash you hands
Simple steps to stop the spread

Please ensure copies of all the relevant guidelines at your venues.
Please ensure your canteen managers have the canteen specific guidelines.
Please ensure the cleaning guidelines spreadsheet is printed and workload shared or delegated to your clubs and members as needed.

If we unfortunately have anyone not following the guidelines, we will treat this as a breach of the Code of Conduct and deal with each situation case by case.

Friday 5th June is the start of Stage 3 which allows sports to return to competition with spectators.

Our leagues are planning 2020 season dates, please get in touch with your clubs and leagues to find out more league details.